Brain Food

It has become the norm to consider and integrate the philosophy of ‘brain food’ into our daily routine. The advantages are countless for our physical and mental health, so as a nod to a well-rounded lifestyle we find it important to take stock of a few brain foods we have on tap at our farm shop, and how we consider them to fuel our brains and bodies:

Grass-fed meat

The quality of meat you eat MATTERS to your brain. There is an abundance of greater nutrients from pasture-raised meat compared to factory-farmed animals and contamination can be ruled out. Since meat contains a large amount of protein, it’s very important for our bodies intake. It allows our body to repair and build body tissue, eliminating illness and injury thus strengthening the immune system.


Eat more tomatoes! There are studies and evidence to suggest that Lycopene – a powerful antioxidant – lives in tomatoes which helps make your skin glow; a dollop of olive oil optimises absorption and efficacy. Avoid purchasing break-the-bank skin products and eat at least 8-12 tomatoes per day for a supermodel result.

Oily fish

Essential fatty acids cannot be made by your body so you have to obtain them through your diet. The most effective Omega-3 fat occurs naturally in oily fish. Fish contains nutrients that are crucial during development and for growth.

Vitality vitamins

B rich foods such as eggs and chicken reduces levels of homocysteine – decreasing the risk of stroke, cognitive impairment and Alzheimers disease. Eggs fall into the ‘superfoods’ category and contain a little of EVERY nutrient that we require to make our bodies work at full capacity.

It’s all ‘Food For Thought’ and we warmly welcome your ideas for future segments. Tell us what you would like to hear more of on the Farm to Fork discussion and we will do our best to deliver.


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