Tis’ The Season

‘Tis’ The Season’

From August onwards the apple a day that keeps the doctor away is our seasonal pick and led us to think about buying and cooking seasonally. Bramley’s were the first of the apples to fall and now we await the taste of Gala, Early Windsor, Red Pippin and so the list goes on. Eating seasonally is advocated by chefs and health experts the world over and at Newlyns we love our friends and customers to reap the benefits of fresh seasonal produce. At first glance, eating seasonally may seem simple – you eat foods that are “in season” or being grown and harvested at the time of year when you buy and cook them. The latter is true, but eating seasonally is more than just a trendy movement taking foodies by storm, there are huge benefits to eating food that is available at its peak and we would like to share a few reasons why:

What’s “in season” near you

It is very valuable to know what foods are in season according to where you live; your location allows you the beauty of eating what another region in the UK does not have widely available. If you’re not familiar with food that is “in season” where you live, take a glance at the produce in our farm shop and you will gauge what has arrived with us from our Upton Grey farm or one of our other Hampshire suppliers.

Support local, sustainable farmers

Buying local and seasonal food often presents similar benefits. There is a far higher chance that you will get food that is fresh, seasonal and supports local farmers if you opt to buy local. Many farms – including Newlyns – offer organic or sustainable options which guarantees that seasonal produce was farmed using techniques that protect animal welfare, the environment and human communities.

Wider variety of foods in your diet

A tasty side effect of eating seasonally is that those of us who – by default – opt for the same meals repeatedly widen our palates to new dishes and ingredients that may not otherwise have been explored. A well rounded diet and healthier lifestyle is created with a refreshing effort. In spring and summer we turn our tummy’s to berries then apples and plums as autumn approaches and part of this reasoning is due to British culture but also what is bountifully on offer.

You save money and eat healthier food

The biggest benefit of eating seasonally is that you will save money on food and tend not to waste produce which you don’t get round to cooking. When you buy seasonal produce, you buy food that’s at the peak of its supply and costs less for farmers to harvest. Eating seasonally means that tastier, healthier food is readily available. The same reasons that keep the cost of seasonal food down also soars its quality – the food is grown closer to you so it doesn’t spoil on its journey to us or supermarkets.


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