This Week On The Farm – September 9th

In creating a blog medium, one of our greatest wishes is to shed light on the central element that ultimately makes us tick as a farming family – our farm. Without our farm we simply would not be able to supply our faithful customers with other elements which fall under the Newlyns umbrella. As a lighthouse calls its ships home, our farm heads the Newlyns name.

Over the years the stereotypical perception of farmers – driving tractors and chewing straw – has been turned on its head and now speaks to generations old and young with a modern relevance. Our society has embraced and actioned the idea of growing, nourishing and utilizing what comes from our earth and the Janaway family remain committed to farming traditionally across both arable and livestock.

Every Friday we will grace your inbox with a snippet of farm action so welcome to our first episode of the Farm Diary.

This week on the farm we have been busy bringing in 53 Autumn calving cows – Hereford and Shorthorn crosses. These are due to calve in late October in a shed at Tile Barn Farm, Upton Grey where they will spend the winter. Last year’s calves have been weaned for them.

In non related livestock jobs, we have been taking in countless timber which will finish being chipped today. This will be used in our CHP plant that produces all of the electricity and hot water for the farm shop. Remaining true to supporting our local community, the wood all comes locally within a 5 mile radius.


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