Farm Favourites: Food that is meant to go together

We are VERY EXCITED to have launched our first ‘Farm Favourites’ stall in the farm shop this week. Newlyns believes in the power of paring fresh produce to inspire our customers to cook stress free meals bursting with taste. We want YOU to invent dishes that the entire family will be running to the table for. Each week we will pair Newlyns produce to offer you a combination of seasonal meat, vegetables and fruit to create your spin on farm classics. This week’s farm picks are pork, apples and celeriac.

More often than not we are too drained by the end of the day to be inventive with our food. We fall to predictable dishes because we know they work and are time efficient. We understand not everyone has time to slog away in the kitchen but still hold a desire to fill their families with the best food, and that’s why we are trying to make your mealtimes easier.

We work tirelessly to sustainably rear our livestock to deliver farm fresh, locally sourced produce. Perfect pairings of produce sets the senses alight and it has been proven that flavour over texture, colour and temperature plays the most important role to our food sensation. The combined culinary ingredients chosen are therefore the starting point of any scrumptious meal. While we leave the art of cooking to the professionals amongst us, you no longer need to search high and low for ingredients that will compound your family dishes and satisfy your taste buds as our ‘ Farm Favourites’ will do all of the work for you. As the colder months begin to creep in – while not ignoring this September heat wave – we will have ingredients that will make for tasty farm soups, stews, broths and much more.

Keep your eyes – and bellies – peeled for all of our future pairings. Post your pics on social media using #newlynsfarmfavourites. We look forward to seeing your creations.





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