Healthy & Happy: Kids Approved Lunchbox Ideas

Back to school are the words on everyone’s lips and aren’t the mothers and fathers amongst us rejoicing at no more redundant outpours of “I’m Bored” and “What are we doing today?” Now the real business commences – inventing great lunchbox ideas that our children will go bananas for. According to NHS Choices a balanced lunch box should contain:

a)  Starchy food such as bread, rice, potatoes or pasta

b)  Protein like meat, fish, eggs or beans

c) A dairy item like cheese or yoghurt

d) Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

With figures such as Jamie Oliver championing school meals and positively encouraging the way children should be nourished while at school, it’s imperative that we set a stellar example to our children regarding what goes into their body. On that note we took a roam around our farm shop to list some inspirational scrummy lunch box ideas from our fresh farm produce:

  1. Fresh summer bowl: just because the sun doesn’t necessarily have its hat on anymore, we still need to be reminded of the memories created and adventures taken during summer. Keep your child’s summer spirits high with thinly cut cucumber, lettuce leaves, finely sliced mint, avocado and our deli counter meat.
  2. Pizza pasta salad: this clever lunch box mix will blow your child’s mind – pizza and pasta in one dish? Layer up a container with pasta, plum tomatoes, olives, cured meat and feta cheese (or any other that they prefer)
  3. Lunch box snacks: keep their hunger at bay throughout the day and fill their boats with healthy snacks in between meal times. Hummus and vegetable sticks will give them all of their 5-a-day in one hit. Use either carrot, pepper or celery sticks.
  4. Kids green club sandwich: although as adults we are forever harping on about carb overload, little ones don’t have to be as aware or tortured by them. Keep their starch food levels up by decking out their lunch box with what looks like a rainbow sandwich. Soft cheese with grated carrot throughout, layers of lettuce, tomato, boiled egg and cucumber with rashers of crispy bacon on top of wholemeal bread.

Side note: apply any of these ideas to an adult sized version to make your lunch time equally as colourful and healthy!



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