Which Labels Can You Trust?

Although the media have been commenting on ‘fictitious farms’ since March this year, we have always felt the mantra ‘Newlyns: Food You Can Trust’ to be poignant and trustworthy. At Newlyns we continuously want to install confidence in our friends and customers regarding the provenance of our food. In previous posts we have touched on farm-to-fork, sustainable farming, supporting local farmers and it seems now, more than ever, that we should take stock of these reliable factors. The loyalty that our friends and customers demonstrate never fails to encourage us to rear livestock to the finest of our ability and to reach the high demands we receive for fresh farm produce from our farm shop and cafe. A connection to our family and farm is a bond we wish to continue to share with the local Hampshire community.

Rewind to March 2016 when the supermarket industry placed onus on British sounding farm names attached to their in store produce. In magnifying small print their labels did state the fruit, veg and meat hailed from South Africa, France and Spain but 60% of 1,800 consumers in the UK stated they would feel extremely misled by the revelation of the products not being sourced from the UK. More specifically, the argument that enraged many farmers was not the emphasis placed on the fakeness of ‘farms’ rather that fake farms are being exclusively named as British. When consumers think of quintessential British produce, they conjure up images that set a farm tone of trees blooming with flowers, fields for miles and tractors ploughing the land. Many have stated supermarkets were falsely alluding consumers with their British themed packaging. What was on the label was not in the packet hence the National Farmers Union (NFU) stamped down on the debate at hand.

We understand consumers have complete freedom over their choice of produce, and we are not bending anyone’s metaphorical arm to cut off supermarket shopping. However, when it comes to honest sourcing our meat is 100% traceable to our Upton Grey Farm while other produce we supply comes from our fellow Hampshire producers. We are proud members of Hampshire Fare and believe in championing local food to support fellow farmers. As a farming family we believe and encourage the consumption of local food in order to bring awareness to the local economy. There is nothing better than witnessing the area/county you live in thriving from its residents support and this is an element our family feel extremely passionate about.

We would love to hear about the ways you help to support Hampshire farmers and businesses in the comments below.





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