This Week On The Farm – Sept 23rd

We meet again at the end of another fleeting week. We have been as busy as ever on the farm so here are some updates – along with a brief history lesson, if you will.

In 1492 AD when Columbus reached the northern Antilles near San Salvador, it was inhabited by the indigenous Tahino people who called their staple crop ‘mahiz.’ The Spaniards took enough of these giant grains for distribution on their voyage and propagated the name ‘mahiz’ throughout. Many of you will have seen crops of maize growing on our farm and this week we have been cutting to make maize silage which will feed our cattle throughout the winter. Maize silage-based rearing and finishing diets are the very best in order to maximise healthy balanced live weight gains and feed conversion efficiencies. Using the maize for our cattle is an example of how we provide them with a nutritious, healthy diet – sustained from the very land they graze on – producing a far superior taste of meat.  We are very proud of the provenance of our food and want greatly for you to have an insight into why our meat tastes exceptional. 

Early on Thursday morning before the pigs were up and about we began to wean the piglets. Piglets are born in batches of 12 sows every 3 weeks – every sow will have an average of 10 piglets each. These stay on the sow for 4 weeks until they are weaned.


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