Celebrate World Egg Day!

Since 1996 the world has been celebrating the Egg. Well, long before 1996 but only then was it declared that we should dedicate a day solely to the egg and all of its almighty worldwide endeavours. This year’s World Egg Day falls on Friday 14th October.

The egg in all of its versatile glory holds the largest amount of quality protein you can buy, and has the potential to feed the world. From developed to developing countries eggs are widely affordable for all. In honour of the Norton Farm Eggs we sell in our farm shop we thought it fitting to bring you some fascinating facts and egg-tastic ideas to help celebrate today:

Fascinating Facts:

The average hen lays between 250 and 270 eggs a year but some lay more than 300

The brown or white colour of an eggshell is purely dependent on the breed of the hen

40% of the world’s eggs are consumed in China

To tell if an egg is raw or hard-cooked, spin it!

The average person on Earth consumes 173 eggs a year

The Guinness World Record for omelette making is held by Howard Helmer, who made 427 omelettes in 30 minutes

Egg-tastic ways to celebrate:

Organise a sponsored egg and spoon race and donate the funds to charity

Make your own recipe book solely containing a selection of recipes using eggs

Try to break the above Guinness World Record for omelette making

Visit a local farm and speak with the farmers about the benefit of eggs

Egg throwing challenge

We would love to hear and see how you or your little ones celebrate World Egg Day. Please share your pictures with us using #newlynseggworld


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