British Sausage Week 31/10 – 6/11.

We are celebrating British Sausage Week – 31st of October until 6th of November – and asking you to celebrate the great British banger with us! British Sausage Week is in its 19th year and still going strong – proving that we are a nation of sausage lovers. To quote Nigel Slater, ” there are few things as warming as a hot sausage.”

Sausages famously became known as bangers because of the loud sizzle and pop they made when being cooked in the pan. If you are wondering why some sausages sizzle more than others it is dependent on the unique sausage, so choose your flavour wisely. To fill your sausage stat needs here is the 411 on the sausage:

  1. Sausages were nicknamed bangers during the Second World War.  Their high water content due to the scarcity of other ingredients meant that they were liable to explode when cooked as the water turned to steam
  2. During the year to August 2016, the nation consumed 175,713 tonnes of sausages in the home, worth £717 million of retail sales
  3. Every day, 3.5 million meals containing sausages are eaten at home
  4. Sausage sales (by volume) are more than double the sales of burgers and grills
  5. There are more than 500 recipes and flavours for sausages in Britain

As a nod to our porky friends this week, we will be bringing you a different flavour of sausage each day from our award-winning butchery counter, running a competition in partnership with our friends at Hampshire Fare with the opportunity to win £20 worth of our sausages and sharing sensational sausage recipes for you to try at home.

Follow along with our sausage fest and send your pics to us using #newlynssausages




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