Local Ingredients For A Newlyns Festive Feast.

Local ingredients are always at the heart of Newlyns Farm and especially at Christmas. We have put together a guide with our friends at Hampshire Fare of the local ingredients we use to create our festive feast. With plenty of food decisions to make re what meat to serve, what puddings to follow and cheese board choices it’s no wonder you are overwhelmed before the 25th. At Newlyns we guarantee that our selection of Christmas meats – turkey, ham, goose and beef – are of the highest quality, free-range and reared by us or our local producers. Below we have listed key information about the producers we work with at Christmas to bring our family and yours the perfect Christmas meal:


Our bronze free range turkeys are hand plucked and hung for 10 days before being dressed and packed in a presentation box with pop-up timer, cooking instructions and bagged giblets to make stock for a lovely rich gravy. We are proud to bring a taste of Christmas to you from Walters Turkeys. Walters carefully select slow growing breeds of turkeys that reach full maturity naturally. It is important to both ourselves and Walters that the turkeys they rear enjoy natural daylight and roam in large green downland fields. Walters goes to great lengths to traditionally prepare their turkeys for full flavour and moisture.


A juicy joint of beef is the perfect alternative to turkey. Newlyns cattle are reared and grass fed on our Upton Grey farm, Hampshire. We hang for a minimum of 21 days to make sure the beef is tasty and tender. You can pre-order your joints with rib bone in or out, rump, sirloin or fillet to your preference – all of which we guarantee will taste divine.

To satisfy your pork cravings we have a range of handmade sausages from the best cuts of pork with no nasty bits! Since we are all entitled to at least one Christmas short cut, we stock ready-made stuffing taken from a Janaway family recipe.

When it comes to bacon, ours is the best in the business and we are proud to say customers come for miles to get their weekly fix! We cure in a traditional manner and smoke the bacon at our Farm Shop. For your Boxing Day bacon buttie our bacon will hit the spot.

With a top class butchery on site all of our hams are cured and roasted at the Farm Shop from pigs we have lovingly reared. You can order boneless cooked hams (your choice of size) or on the bone (half or whole) with a choice of glazes such as marmalade, treacle or honey and mustard.


It’s not only Santa that has a sack full of goodies, our cousins at Whitewater Farm supply our potatoes. At Newlyns we prefer the good ole’ roasted potatoes to accompany our meat, stuffing, sprouts and cranberry sauce.


Our lovingly home grown vegetables come from  Padget’s Produce. Padget’s are a 4th generation farming family who have been producing vegetables at Stills Farm for over 101 years. They have traded under Padget’s Produce for 4 years and continue to grow, wash, and distribute a wide range of field vegetables across the UK. If like us you cannot resist a mounted plate of sprouts to accompany your meat then our farm shop stocks the best seasonal vegetables.


At Newlyns we offer a fantastic range of cheeses from well known producers and include unbeatable varieties such as Tunworth, Barkham Blue, Lyburn, Snowdonia and Christmas Stiltons. Aside from our normal Stilton wedges you can opt for a whole, mini or potted Stilton. All of our stocked cheeses are of British origin and handmade with artisan methods which allows the recipes to consistently refine along with their ingredients.

Our knowledgeable team have selected the best seasonal food on the lead up to the big day. We encourage you to support and chose British farmers produce this festive season in order to keep your local economy flowing. Sustainability and traceability – now more than ever – are at the forefront of consumers minds and Newlyns considers the aforementioned practises to be vital in all realms of farming. 


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