The Journey Of The Holistic Chef.

Michelin trained macrobiotic and ayurvedic chef, Jamie Rafferty, works on a mission to inspire and empower people to fulfill their true potential by achieving a healthier diet. The Holistic Chef is instructing a one-off cookery course at Newlyns Cookery School on the 7th February 10:00 until 15:00, so on the lead up to welcoming Jamie we spoke to him about his culinary journey and ethos thus far.

From Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal to Marcus Wareing, Jamie has been fortunate to ride the helter-skelter of fiery kitchens, and achieve Michelin star status for several established restaurants in the UK and beyond. However, it was a deep-rooted passion for the philosophical essence of food and nutrition that led him to his current holistic approach.


Born and raised in West Ireland, Jamie had an abiding interest and appreciation of vital aspects of nature’s cornucopia. He grew up beside a botanical – and wildlife – rich ecosystem, consisting of a pristine raised moorland with adjoining Turlough (drying lake characteristic of limestone regions). It was there that Jamie first foraged for wild mushrooms and edible plants and flowers. The bountiful nooks and crannies were readily found when Jamie cast his mind to it while grouse, deer, rabbit and pheasant were abundant. The message of seasonal, freshness and naturalness were second nature to Jamie therefore it was a coincidence – or perhaps more than – that Jamie’s first culinary collaborations were at Denmark’s ‘Geranium’ and ‘Noma’, where he took to his foraging orientations like a duck to water. Jamie went on to study nutritional science and undertook, in tandem, his holistic focus. With awards, scholarships, and global collaborations with respected chefs of ‘fine dining’, his holistic preoccupation and conviction imparted a whole renewing energy boost and novel directions to his professional and personal life. For example: partnering with a Yoga Sutra Centre to provide nutritional underpinning for spiritual growth, and partnering and co – directing masterclasses with a fermentation scientist, demonstrating both the practical and theoretical dimensions to attendees.

While this evolution was not an about turn, it did represent a turning point in that the effects of food, mentally as well as physically, on the psyche and on the Soma gradually overshadowed his prior concern with display factors, presentational flourishes, and all that had been. 


Jamie’s projected journey in the field of international holistic cuisine consultancy along with the cooperation of a range of individuals and organisations – on similar and parallel trajectories – shows his story thus far as a balanced bedrock and motive force which fuels and energizes his journey. Jamie makes note that his journey would not have moved forward without the gift of rich mentoring encounters and outstanding chefs and practitioners, who generously gave of their time and expertise. In turn, Jamie is determined to pass his knowledge onto others in a like-minded manner. 

For the opportunity to hear more about Jamie’s culinary journey and learn his holistic approach first hand, book a space on this outstanding cookery course today via Newlyns Farm website.





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