National Cheese Lover’s Day!

It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day, HOORAY! At Newlyns we celebrate cheese all year round as we consider our farm shop’s selection to be one of the widest and well-crafted in Hampshire. But since the calendar instructs us to love cheese with our fellow cheese lovers today more than any other, we have rolled out some cheesy facts for you to take a bite out of.

With the majority of our cheese suppliers hailing from Hampshire or neighbouring home counties, we will be bringing you dedicated blog posts over the weekend from a few of our favourite suppliers: Tunworth Cheese and Lyburn Farm. 

If like us you are cheese board enthusiasts, we will have advise on cheese pairings and tasters at our deli counter today and over the weekend! 

Cheesy Facts

4. Each day our friends in France, Italy, Greece and Germany eat more than twice as much cheese, per person, as the British do.

5. Cheese is one of the most versatile foods and can be used as a starter, a main course or as a dessert – you can’t do that with many other foods.


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