Interview With Superfoodist Rick Hay.

On March 16th from 10am until 1pm we are thrilled to be welcoming Superfoodist and Nutritionist Rick Hay to Newlyns Cookery School for a special press event. The morning will kick off with a welcoming introductory talk led by Rick where he will discuss his wellbeing and fitness ethos amongst other lifestyle topics. Rick will then continue to give a smoothie demonstration using Newlyn’s fresh and seasonal ingredients. After kick starting your metabolism with a smoothie taster, Rick will round off the event with a super bowl lunch which will leave you energised for the afternoon ahead.

In the pursuit of achieving a healthy and rewarding lifestyle, we spoke with Rick ahead of our event to find out the 411 on his well-rounded philosophy for food and fitness.

Could you please give our readers a brief history of how, and why, you got involved in the nutrition and wellbeing world

I’ve always loved nature (having grown up in Western Australia) so I had an interest in natural healing particularly from herbs early on.

I also had some skin conditions that conventional medicine couldn’t really assist – this prompted me to look further into natural medicine. I found that a change in diet and a vitamin and herbal regime really helped.

Is it more beneficial to eat three big meals or several small meals a day?

I’m a fan of several smaller meals to keep blood sugar levels steady – thereby helping to decrease cravings and to keep mood and energy levels up.

It’s also easier on the digestive tract too.

What are the absolute healthiest foods that you recommend eating daily?

Anything that’s brightly coloured and plant based!

Things like berries, cherries, beetroot, sweet potato and spinach – in fact anything that stains the fingers is a really good antioxidant and will help to boost immunity and cellular health.

I like spirulina and acai too.

How much does diet really play in obtaining a healthier, fuller lifestyle? 

I don’t think you can reach your true potential either mentally or physically if your diet isn’t good – your energy will be lower, you’ll be more likely to gain weight and have skin problems. You may suffer from headaches and lack of motivation.

Diet is the key to it all – many people just think they are a six out of ten health wise because their diet isn’t up to scratch – a small change can reap big benefits!

What is the better of the two for weight loss: low-fat vs. low-carb?

Low carb – but I don’t advocate the exclusion of any food group – nature knows best and when we mess with it we don’t win health wise. 

What’s the one food you would tell your clients to stop eating?

Energy drinks and artificial sugars!

Also eat less meat – we are not designed to eat as much as we do and it is the source of many of our health problems – it’s not great for the environment either.

If you could only give one piece of valuable nutritional advice what would it be?

Eat things that are as close to nature as you can get for the region you are in most of the time – also don’t demonise any food group – relax and be sensible and all will be good.

We are huge fans of ‘The Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Plan’ book, will we be lucky enough to see another being published in the near future

Yes the second edition of The Anti Ageing Food and Fitness Plan is out in March and I’ve just worked on creating the Lean Energy Program with Healthista that I think is one of my best nutritional programs to date.

It also has a great fitness component to it and there are some good nutrient superfood powders and protein powders coming out soon to support it too.

I have my Little Red Dress Diet book coming out in May – I’ve been working on this with Sarah Parish who I adore and I’m working on a Superfood Smoothies, Lattes and Superfood Bowls book that should be out around August.

I’m also promoting my Real Eating Campaign – I want people to relax about food and enjoy it whilst still being sensible most of the time.     

What are your goals for 2017?

I’m looking to do more work in the media and to expand my brand further back in Oz ( I recently got front page coverage in one of Australia’s major newspapers ) and hopefully then in LA too – I’d love to have a Superfoodist cafe somewhere.



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