Celebrating National BBQ Week 29/5/17-4/5/17.

Show your grill some love as we celebrate National BBQ week! At Newlyns, BBQ season is yet another excuse for us to enjoy our finest Hampshire produce in the open air. There is nothing better than grilling a Newlyns steak, rack of ribs, or Smokey Joe sausages as we welcome the warmer months. During National BBQ week we will be sharing some of our favourite barby recipes, facts, ways to celebrate, and tips from experts.

Take a read below for some BBQ trivia that will have you running for the charcoal this bank holiday weekend…

Fascinating facts:

Barbecuing at home is the UK’s number 1 Summer eating and home entertaining activity

History tells us that in 2015 the UK was once again Europe’s leading BBQ nation, hosting over 130 million BBQ’s and beating the Germans into 2nd place for the fifth time!

After-work or mid-week barby’s now account for over 48% of all BBQ occasions

The overall BBQ, alfresco eating and entertaining market is worth just over £7.1 billion

The average number of BBQ’s held per family during the summer has risen from around 2.5 ten years ago to over 9 now!

Ways to celebrate:

First things first, make sure you stack your fridge full of Newlyns meat and call family, friends, neighbours alike then decide on what type of BBQ you would like to host:

Beer o’clock BBQ

Fun Alfresco BBQ

Gourmet in the garden

Safari BBQ






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